Fuel & Gas Service Provider  

MAHA has vast experience in commissioning test lane equipment at various Fuel & Gas (F&G) operations throughout Southern Africa. For the record, our German manufactured MAHA equipment and thorough installation procedure was approved by TOTAL‘s Transport Technical Department in 2016.

At the time, the industry’s leading technical compliance officer, Mr. Naat Loubser, was instrumental in guiding MAHA through the compliance process. Subsequently our equipment has been installed at the following F&G workshops: Tanker Services, Zimbulk (both Imperial companies), Unitrans Alrode, Unitrans Botswana, United Bulk Vanderbijlpark and certain A-Grade Dekra sites where TOTAL perform their PATROM HSEQ tests.

When it comes to test lane equipment operating in a F&G environment, our most important consideration is ensuring that the equipment is safe. With all the potential gas ‘lying around’, we have to spark proof our high-risk equipment components. All motors and switching circuit breakers, like in the communication cabinet and the axle play detectors, have to be spark proofed. As the majority of our equipment functions with 3-phase, we can’t afford to take any chances.

Our German manufactured MAHA Roller Brake Testers are ready for the F&G environment as they come standard with spark-proof motors, and we have two choices for the placement of the switching gear in the cabinet. Either we place the cabinet inside a spark proof office adjacent to the test lane, or we upgrade the cabinet with automatically ventilating fans to expel any gas from the cabinet. Both options were approved by TOTAL.

Our locally manufactured Technobrake Axle Play Detectors can easily be upgraded with spark-proof motors, and the control box, which is placed in the pit, is then sealed to prevent the intrusion of any gasses.