MAHA South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.

As a branch of the MAHA Group, an ever-expanding company, we are the contact partner in the region as MAHA South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. and thus belong to one of the most important manufacturers of automotive, testing and lifting technology worldwide. We offer a full service network to our customers. Our basis is technology and quality leadership.

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The Comapany - MAHA South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.

MAHA has a 35+ year history in Southern Africa. From humble distributor beginnings in 1984 to a full subsidiary in 2010, MAHA has made a significant contribution to the safety of vehicles in Southern Africa.

  • Beginnings as distributor

  • MAHA Germany decided to invest in Southern Africa by placing a full subsidiary in Johannesburg, MAHA South Africa (Pty) Ltd, to take care of the sale and service of MAHA equipment in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Sales and service of MAHA equipment into the rest of Sub Equator Africa was taken care of by MAHA Germany directly.

  • MAHA South Africa bought a local company, Technobrake South Africa (Pty) Ltd, which is a ‘Proudly South African’ manufacturer of Vehicle Test Lane equipment. The manufacturing of the Technobrake range of equipment was transferred from Durban up to the MAHA South Africa factory in Johannesburg.

  • MAHA Germany handed the support of the entire SEQA (Sub Equator Africa) region over to MAHA South Africa, and a new subsidiary was born, MAHA SEQA (Pty) Ltd.

MAHA is the ONLY Vehicle Test Lane & Lifting Equipment subsidiary in Africa, supplying bulletproof equipment built in Bavaria, Germany. We are not a distributor, we sell, supply, install, service & calibrate MAHA and Technobrake equipment only.

MAHA equipment is built according to ISO 9001, DIN and CE systems, and our South African based technicians are trained in Germany to ISO 14025 calibration standards.

MAHA supports over 650 test lanes and over 250 workshop lifts from Kinshasa to Cape Town, from Windhoek to Mombasa, as well as the West Indian Ocean islands of Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zanzibar. We also support over 100 competitor test lanes in the region. Every test lane and vehicle lift is either serviced and/or calibrated on an annual basis by MAHA SA or MAHA SEQA.

The key to MAHA´s success in Sub Equator Africa is our high priority focus on customers’ needs and the willingness to provide the highest quality of service and support one can expect from a German premium-built product. Additionally, MAHA has an extensive range of equipment and service parts which significantly reduces our reaction times for maintenance and installations in the region.



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