MDO 2 LON frei


Emission Tester for diesel engines (opacimeter)

VP 135024

  • Official German PTB-approval 18.09
  • Complies with ECE R24, ISO 3173 and ISO/TC22/SC 5 N 650 provisions and guidelines.
  • Time-saving trouble-free testing and diagnosis of emission turbidity using partial current procedure with free acceleration or with engine under load
  • Single testing or continuous testing
  • Integrated test chamber temperature sensor
  • High-powered test chamber heating
  • Oil temperature & RPM recording
  • 2 serial RS 232 connections for
    ○ hand terminal or PC
    ○ external testing equipment (LPS 2000)
  • Display of test values via PC/laptop monitor (option)
  • Exhaust-emitting parts made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Sealed with heat-resistant synthetic material

Standard Delivery:

  • Stainless steel construction with protective plastic casing
  • Turbidity test cell with optical measurement
  • 230 V power supply
  • RS 232 connection
  • Emission probe for cars with hose (length 1.5 m), max. 300 degrees C
  • 17 m connection cable for test lane connection
  • Software Terminal-/Basic Program (Profi-/Eurosystem for cars)
  • Manual data entry
  • Automatic data transmission of external equipment
  • Terminal networking with PC-network
  • Connection to asanetwork possible
  • Packing incl.

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Technical data
Wave length of the spotlight567 nm
Measurement chamber length430 mm
External/Internal diameter of test chamber28 mm / 25 mm
Warm-up time of the measurement chamber approx.180 s
On-board voltage12 V / 24 V
Power consumption average/max.0.11 kW / 0.13 kW
Power supply1/N/PE 230 V 50 Hz
Dimensions total (L x W x H)230 mm x 550 mm x 245 mm
Weight13 kg
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